4 June, 2018 15:09

Jeff Jirout and the Rhythm Masters

Yes, people, it’s a cliché name. But, it’s true. These men are Rhythm Masters. Of the highest order. There’s a thing called natural rhythm and they have it. It’s actually quite rare. It’s like a disease. If you have natural rhythm, or “too much rhythm”, as it’s commonly known, it’s very hard to live a normal life. You move in a weird way. Sometimes pace like a caged tiger. There is a thing going on in your soul that makes you function differently. Life gets very difficult and we are misunderstood and shunned. There is no way of dealing with it day to day and live a normal life. So, we turn to music. It is the only cure. So this music is medicinal. It is theraputical. It is the only way for a rhythm master to get along and connect with other people. That is why we do this music. It is for us. But also for everyone else, especially those wayward souls afflicted with the thing called…..too much rhythm.

You can donate….. ha ha, sorry

J.J. and the Rhythm Masters is quite a new band. But we are not spring chickens. We have been around the block a few times and we are prepared to tell a few stories about that as well while we do our version of boogie blues, rock n roll, unidentified music, and country ballads. And Gospel songs.

We very much hope to see you at our next performance. And we hope it will be a joyful occasion. Peace, Love, and don’t let the man bring you down………..J.J. and the R M

Author: jeffjirout

Blues and Rock n Roll Musician

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