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J.J. and the Rhythm Masters are playing at the Hof Van Wezel in Beuningen, NL. on June 17th 2018 at 15:00. For further details check the Hof van Wezel website. I will have more to say about that soon as well, Remember::: JJ is not the manager….he is the singer! being organized isn’t my strongest thing, bla… After that you only have to wait one full week and the just go to the MOUT Festival in Nijmegen. That is a 3 day festival, 22-24 and J.J. and the Rhythm Masters will be playing on Sunday the 24th. In the afternoon, got to get back to you on the details!!!!! But it will certainly be a good time. The third day of a beer festival. We will play for the hungover of course but we hope to soon have them up and dancing and killing the kater. Ha, Tot kijk allemaal

Author: jeffjirout

Blues and Rock n Roll Musician

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