OK,  I have a blog, now I gotta use it.  Had some brilliant stuff written.  It was amazing.  But, uh, it got stolen, yeah, that’s it, so this is what you get.  Me, rambling about……….music I guess.   Well, it’s my blog.  Ok.  Music.  Yeah. In the beginning for me there was metal and punk, classic rock.  And blues.  I discovered blues through hearing old Steppenwolf albums, Led Zeppelin.  Then I heard Howlin Wolf and it opened up a whole new thing.  Another musical dimension.  I remember the day I went to that old record store on rt. 27 that used to be a train car or something, and bought the History of Jimmy Reed Vol. 2.  A 2 record set.  Something about that album just did it for me.  The rhythm, it was rough and low down with cool and clever words and yeah it was all based on the same rhythms and very simple in a way but it never got boring and I played it over and over and over.  That was the beginning of me becoming the bluesman that I am today (as much sarcasm as you like here).  Yeah so after that it was Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry, Blind Willie McTell,  John Lee, Skip James, the mighty Howlin Wolf.  But after all I guess Jimmy Reed is my all time fave.  But when I heard R.L. Burnside I was truly blown away.  That was much later.  That music was exactly what I wanted to hear.  I met R.L. and Kenny Brown.  We were rehearsing downstairs from this club that they were playing and they hung out a bit and put us on the guest list.  (the band was Lamadog)  That was perhaps the most I ever enjoyed a concert. The music hit me instantly.  From start to finish I was just truly happy.  Dancing around like something had taken control of me. Don’t think I could’ve stopped if I tried  Pure joy that was.

So that music very much creeped into my style.  That one chord boogie stuff.  Mesmerizing.   These days I’m finger pickin mostly.  Just started doing it about 15 years ago and by now I hardly play guitar otherwise.  It’s just that you get so much more rhythm out of the guitar that way.  I’m playing rootsy music but it certainly isn’t just blues or boogie.  I also got into old style country and folk,  Hank Williams,  Woody Guthrie.  Old songs that nobody knows who wrote em. Or they were never written, just always been there.  Jack O Diamonds, I know you Rider, old Irish tunes, gospel, Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny Cash.  The great tradition, just hear a song, take what you like from it, add your own stuff and style and pass it on. I’ve been a street player for quite a while and I’d spend hours out there just playin whatever came to mind.  A tune I kinda knew but not really,  keep playin it,  evolve it a bit,  make up some new words,  in the end you got a whole different song or the trad. arr., Jeff Jirout version.

This is the beginning of the new series,  The History of Jeff Jirout Vol. 2.  Available at any fine book store or at any old record store that used to be a train car.  This series will continue shortly and due to overwhelmingly greedy public demand will be available in a 4-D box set entitled, the wild wonderful wicked world of Jeff Jirout and will include contraband of your choice, free, for only 14.95 including shipping and double handling (also free)

Whoa Nelly, Jeff Jirout Band, About the Songs

This is a rundown of the songs on Whoa Nelly, by the Jeff Jirout Band.

Sake of the song: An RL Burnside influenced boogie rhythm with a goofy lyric. Perfect organ track. Yes there’s a song of the same name by Townes Van Zandt but that’s where the similarities end. Yes, he was awesome.
Everything Happened: A song about everything. It was a poem, now it’s a song. And what a drummer!
Uncle Jimmy: A wild man, he’s still out there, somewhere……
Million seconds: A song about memories. Little things that get stuck in your mind.
The Olde Hippie: True story. He tried to warn me…….about Milltown.
Baggage: A relationship song, oh shit. A few Elvis nods in there.
Chickenhouse: A love story.
My mind is Ramblin: RL is in here too. Guido de Groot plays fabulous drunken Jerry Garcia git. I’m on my 68 fender musicmaster. I’m not such a “guitar guy” but……..love that 68! Love this tune, even if I must say so myself.
Lotta rain: Booker T and the MG’s style. I think we pulled it off. Great walkin bass.
Whoa Nelly: “Theres a mighty big picture but it seldom gets seen” and it ain’t on yer tv screen.
Rio Grande: song written to Steve Wood, my friend who died a couple of years ago. He was in a dream I had where we are drinking beer by this huge river……
Sunset: Wanted to have a horn section do that melody but it didn’t come together. I like to think it has a Motowny feel to it. Hope you like my Beatles bridge. Great backing voice by Max Maas. Great band….best I ever had.

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