Whoa Nelly, Jeff Jirout Band, About the Songs

This is a rundown of the songs on Whoa Nelly, by the Jeff Jirout Band.

Sake of the song: An RL Burnside influenced boogie rhythm with a goofy lyric. Perfect organ track. Yes there’s a song of the same name by Townes Van Zandt but that’s where the similarities end. Yes, he was awesome.
Everything Happened: A song about everything. It was a poem, now it’s a song. And what a drummer!
Uncle Jimmy: A wild man, he’s still out there, somewhere……
Million seconds: A song about memories. Little things that get stuck in your mind.
The Olde Hippie: True story. He tried to warn me…….about Milltown.
Baggage: A relationship song, oh shit. A few Elvis nods in there.
Chickenhouse: A love story.
My mind is Ramblin: RL is in here too. Guido de Groot plays fabulous drunken Jerry Garcia git. I’m on my 68 fender musicmaster. I’m not such a “guitar guy” but……..love that 68! Love this tune, even if I must say so myself.
Lotta rain: Booker T and the MG’s style. I think we pulled it off. Great walkin bass.
Whoa Nelly: “Theres a mighty big picture but it seldom gets seen” and it ain’t on yer tv screen.
Rio Grande: song written to Steve Wood, my friend who died a couple of years ago. He was in a dream I had where we are drinking beer by this huge river……
Sunset: Wanted to have a horn section do that melody but it didn’t come together. I like to think it has a Motowny feel to it. Hope you like my Beatles bridge. Great backing voice by Max Maas. Great band….best I ever had.

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