J.J. press release

Here’s a nice blog post…..it’s the press release that my friend and tour manager, Matthias, wrote. He’s German, so English is not his first language, but it sure floats my boat, so to speak, in a v nice way……..it was in a few papers over there(in German). Anyway……

Jeff Jirout, born in Chicago, grew up and musically inspired in Nashville and New Jersey

is wholeheartedly what is today called a singer-songwriter. His musical roots are found

in traditional American country (not Western), folk and blues music. The forerunners were certainly unforgettable names like Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, Hank Williams and similar pioneers.
Today Jeff Jirout has found his own style through many years of tireless action, which is characterized by just these folk, blues and country elements, but in this country is rather rare to hear. He writes lyrics, arranges and interprets in his own individual way to express himself musically. And: his words, as well as his music are thoroughly honest and free of any vanity. It is a quiet, sometimes sad – but always stunningly beautiful music that, thank goodness, is in the world.

Particularly striking is the extremely variable, very American-sounding voice, which seems to go over several octaves; from a sonorous bass to a seemingly unbelievably high head voice, capable of reproducing moods with just one word. And even if you do not understand English.
His imaginative acoustic guitar playing, partly supported by the blues harp, is always striking and varied at the same time. Whether from the rhythms or the melodic incidents: Jeff unerringly uses all the stops of an extraordinarily wide range of musical intentions and playing techniques.

Jeff’s music is for the small stage, quiet, secretive pubs and bars where you can really get involved in his songs and not just listen with half an ear. Evryone who does this will get certainly a very special treat.

Author: jeffjirout

Blues and Rock n Roll Musician

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